Origin of Palakodeti Families

Someswara swami temple is in Gunupudi as per revenue records. It is about 3 to 4 km from the Bhimavaram bus stand.

Palakodeti families had their presence much before the temple was constructed, and later they preferred to be recognized as villagers of Palakoderu. This became Palakodeti.

Palakodeti families had derived their surname / family name from this village for obvious reasons. Generally in Telugu Aruvela Niyogi families, the family name gets attached when they move from place to another, and it takes at least two or three generations. Some families moved away from Palakoderu will be referred in their new locations as Palakoderu Varu and slowly family name gets attached as Palakodeti.

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Welcome to Palakodeti Foundation


Palakodeti’s are Aruvela Niyogi Brahmins having, known for 550 years of recorded history from West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.  Branched out over centuries form as a single family with same Gotram.  This website explains by establishing individual family lineage to the glorious past of this family. Adorned by Freedom fighters, Poets, soldiers, scientists, engineers, painters and so on. A humble home work from my side to re-establish family relations and not to initiate any lost religious obligations over centuries / decades among Palakodeti’s for obvious reasons.  Whoever is not appearing / referred in this exploration can contact me for establishing their linage. This work is my passion, fun, and voluntary as a Palakodeti.

Lineage and Glory of Palakodeti’s

Recollecting family (parental) lineage and while introducing yourself to someone and by deposing the same before Almighty, elders, and teachers is a Hindu tradition practiced mostly among Brahmins. In chronological order, lineage will begin with three or four Saints / ఋషులు, followed by addressing all living beings on earth

Evolution of nomenclature

This Palakodeti family is known from 1580 A.D onwards and is a big legacy for given any Palakodeti family. I stitched given any family to stem from the same clan and inter linked at one stage with own bothers at different intervals.  Probably Palakodeti is the only family having a known history of 450 years of existence.

Migration of Families

Even today few Palakodeti families are still having their establishments in the said above villages. In fact, by and large in all the above said places Palakodeti families are having their respective establishments even today. It is estimated that approximately 150 families are living in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and south East Asia.

Palakodeti Foundation

[NO. 35 OF 2001] This Palakodeti Foundation works from the following different places based on the important member’s availability and their movement.

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